Wakefield Paxton Show 8 April 2017

This was a sad day at Wakefield when after 140 years the Paxton Society held its final show. Founded in 1877 it wasn’t the lack of money or exhibitors but the inability to attract enough members to carry out the task of providing the support required to organise and man the two Annual shows which the Society provided. Wendy had been showing daffodils here for nearly 30 years and my father for a similar time prior to that. For Auricula exhibitors it has ended an even longer period since the first ever recorded show for that flower was in April 1807 when the Wakefield Florists Society held its first show and the Paxton Society continued the tradition when the former Society decided to concentrate solely on tulips.
This show was well supported and there were some good flowers, particularly from Steve Ryan and Alan Robinson but several other exhibitors played their part.
there were five entries in the six cultivar collection class won by Steve Ryan who also had the second placed entry and Alan Robinson was third. I have commented in previous years about allowing two entries in collection classes. I don’t think it should be allowed. The first prize entry is second from the right, secondĀ  and third on its right and left respectively. Below are photographs of most of the winning entries. Click on them to expand.

Best Bloom
Alan Robinson

Six Collection
Alan Robinson

3 Div 1 Steve Ryan
Chobe River Sergeants Caye Lighthouse Reef

3 Div 2 Steve Ryan Goldhanger Pol Crocan Rebecca’s Fire

3 Div 3 Steve Ryan
Jenna Dr Hugh Carole Lombard

3 Div 4 A. Robinson Sherborne Crackington Gay Kybo

3 Div 11
Ron Crabtree
Marion Pearce

Div1,2,3 Wendy Akers
Gold Convention Pebble Mill Badbury Rings

Div 1
Steve Ryan
Chobe River

Div 2
Wendy Akers
Gold Convention

Div 3
Steve Ryan
Carole Lombard

Div 4
Ivor Fox
Jack Daniel

Div 5
Ivor Fox
My Belle

Div 6
Ivor Fox
The Foxtrott

Div 7
Ivor Fox
Silver Dollar

Div 8
E&J Kendall

Div 9
Ivor Fox

Div 11
Iver Fox
Jabber Wocky

3 Intermediates
E&J Kendall
Little Alice

Six Blooms
Alan Robinson

Div 13
N. triandrus

3 x 3 Miniatures
Wendy Akers Xit China Gold Clare

Six Miniatures
Christine Yeardley
see photo

3 Miniatures
E&J Kendall
Yellow Xit

One Miniature
Ivor Fox
N. poeticus hellenicus

Members 3 blooms
J Warwick
Gay Kybo?

Members 1 Bloom
J Warwick
Gay Kybo?

Impeccable was the Best Bloom in the show exhibited by Alan Robinson. A few general pictures below including the Society President Norman Hazell making the presentations. If you can help me out with a few names please do so using the reply form below.

John Kendall

Photos of past shows

Margaret Shield

Steve Ryan

Alan Robinson

Ian Robinson

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