Daffodil Society Wessex Group – 10 April 2016

Derek Phillips has produced an excellent report of this show, see here. I have added a few photographs below which were not included in that report.
The ‘Avalanche’ (right) is well worth a look because of its presentation. I don’t know if it had been dressed to achieve it.

Chris Yates seedling 16-05 Q (below left) has  great colour in the cup but whether or not the rather square cup will dress out will have to be seen. I have my name down on the list for when it has bulked up.

‘Touchdown’ is a flower raised by Carlos van der Veek which had good colour and looked to be consistent. There are more good flowers to come from this raiser.

16-05 Q
16-05 Q
'Wild Honey'
‘Wild Honey’
'Honey Orange'
‘Honey Orange’
'Corby Candle'
‘Corby Candle’
'Eastbrook Sunrise'
‘Eastbrook Sunrise’

1 thought on “Daffodil Society Wessex Group – 10 April 2016”

  1. Such a shame that this show coincided with the World Daffodil Convention as this is the second year that I have had to miss it.
    There are some first class growers in the Wessex area and I have to say we have a history of growing Avalanche really well. Caryl Cheesewright exhibited a fantastic flower with around 20 florets at the DS show one year.
    We welcome exhibitors from outside the area…..someone has to seriously challenge Derek for that ADS ribbon! As you can see he even brings his own flag!

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