Lentetuin Breezand 4 March 2016

In 2016 the 36th annual show was held in Northern Holland. As usual it was a most colourful display as can be seen in the above picture and a selected few others included below. Click on any picture to increase its size.
For the first time ever the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Bulb Committee held a meeting outside of the British Isles which was attended by most of its members. Guests at the meeting included senior members of the Royal General Bulbgrowers Association (KAVB) of the Netherlands the Registration Authority for many bulbs, including of course tulips.

Dr Tim Upson presenting a gift to Mrs Ir Prisca Klein
Dr Tim Upson presenting a gift to Mrs Ir Prisca Klein

Presentations were made of developments in the Dutch Bulb Industry by Mrs Ir Prisca Klein, Director of the KAVB, followed by Mrs drs Saskia Bodegom who spoke on the registration of flower bulbs by the KAVB. Dr Tim Upson the RHS Director of Horticulture responded with a guided visual tour on slides of the RHS Key Investment Projects including the new exciting RHS Garden Bridgewater at Salford.

Dr Tim Upton presenting a gift to Mrs drs Sakia Bodegom
Dr Tim Upson presenting a gift to Mrs drs Sakia Bodegom

One of the main purposes of the meeting was to discuss a possible revised Group Classification for tulips. Drs Johan van Scheepen outlined some of the challenges in changing the current system to accommodate breeding development since 1996.

'Oxford Gold'
‘Oxford Gold’

The cultivar ‘Oxford Gold’ exhibited by Jan Pennings was awarded an AM for exhibition by the Committee.

Several members of the Daffodil Society were present, being also members of the RHS Bulb Committee. These included Past and Current Presidents Reg Nicholl and Jackie Petherbridge and a number of Vice-Presidents.












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  1. It was a great couple of days; seeing the wonderful flower show, meeting with the KAVB and visiting the Triflor nursery to see tulips for cut flowers grown on an industrial scale. All very interesting and informative and of great benefit to everyone in the RHS Bulb Committee who came along.

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