Monthly tips – August/September

Now is the time when we are getting our new purchases from suppliers and/or planting our own stored bulbs. All these should be examined before planting. The Royal Horticultural Society’s The Garden for September has published a brief item which you may find helpful and have given us permission to make it available here. One picture has been deleted for copyright reasons, so if you have a picture of basal rot in daffodils then please email it to us.

To view the RHS item click here

Please note in the RHS item the progressive reduction in chemicals etc which may be used to combat disease. Even sulphur will be banned shortly.

2 thoughts on “Monthly tips – August/September”

  1. This is just a taster of the bulbs I have received for the auction on Sunday from the top suppliers in Britain and Europe, so if you require quality bulbs come along and bid for some.
    Cultivars will include Brooke Ager, Happy Valley, Subtle Shades, Golden Goal, Greek Surprise, Roma Aroma,
    Burt House, Burning Ring, Trentagh, Burravoe, Pemboa, Come to good, Penselwood,
    Denali, Oxford Gold, China Gold, Sabrosa, Seedling 72-25c sister to Shillingstone, Elka.

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