Pie eaters show Standish 7 May 2012

Pie Eaters Daffodil Show 2012 was held today here in Standish, I think the last show in the UK? This year we had only 7 exhibitors but just fewer than 100 flowers were on the bench.

The pictures here are off Best Bloom Inverpolly 2W-W shown by Ken Harrop the same flower that won Best Bloom at the Daffodil Society Northern Group Late Show at Pilley on Saturday.

Best Seedling in show by Len Tomlinson a 3W-GYO of good form.

Plus my good friend Tony James, who put in a late appearance and won a few classes. Seen here putting his camera and tripod together to take some more pictures, that I’m sure will either be on his website Daffodils in the UK or on The Daffodil Society Northern Group’s website.

And finally The Worst Bloom in Show, as is the tradition at Pie Eaters, was this Silken Sails 3W-WWY.

Humility and embarrassment prevent me from saying whose it was!

I will try harder! – Ian Tyler

3 thoughts on “Pie eaters show Standish 7 May 2012”

  1. Ian – this flower is deceased. Lovely pic of Tony. Do you actually eat pies?

  2. Hello Wendy,
    It was a sad passing and all who were at its wake dined on Meat and Potato Pies washed down with some of Lancashire’s Best Bitter!
    A fitting end to a wonderful flower. It take such a high level of incompetence to grow such a flower!
    But I’m proud to be The Worst Daffodils in Show winner again.

    Ian :o)

  3. Well Ian with that quality of flower you put on the show bench nobody has anything to worry about from you its a pity all the growers from that side of the pennines cannot grow them as good or we would all get a best in show now and again

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