The Ancient Society of York Florists – 16 April

This society is the oldest horticultural society in the world having been founded in 1768.

Today’s show was held in the gymnasium of the Askham Bryan Agricultural College.

There were at least five well-known daffodil exhibitors in attendance, my apologies if anyone has been left out. Geoff Gardener, Cliff Bilbrough, Sue Vinden, Ken Bowser and Ron Crabtree.

Geoff Gardener won the class for six blooms, not fewer than four cultivars from at least 3 divisions. His best cultivar was ‘Altun Ha’, well reversed, but still retaining good perianth colour. Cliff Bilbrough was second and Ken Bowser was third. The Best Exhibit in show was Geoff’s three vases of three blooms, with the vase of three ‘Crowndale’ containing as its top bloom the Best Bloom in show.

A few other good flowers are pictured below.

Ron Crabtree placing his last entry
The three entries in the six bloom class

Best Exhibit in show 3 vases of three blooms Geoff Gardener
Best Bloom in show 'Crowndale' Geoff Gardener

An excellent 'Geranium' Sue Vinden
'Cool Evening' shown by Sue Vinden

A fine bloom of 'Carole Lombard' Ken Bowser
Sue Vinden's N. poeticus hellenicus

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  1. James,
    This is just what we need as a society. Welldone to you and those concerned.

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