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  1. Hi Everyone, James has published some of our photos from Galicia and asked me to comment on them. The first two(left to right) is our ‘van’ Echo, a 26′ x 4+tonnes Auto Trail Scout. This has been our home for the last 8 weeks and gives us a chance to watch the daffodil season progress while we are here in Galicia.
    The next picture is our ‘N.lagoi’ and was taken in January! They are still in flower now, though approaching the end of their season. The picture on the right is of a meadow that is full of N.cyclamineus, thousands of them, not far from Friol. This was taken in early February, and these plants too are still in full flower (14th March!).
    Finally, the last picture is of a very white N.triandrus, flowering by a stream at the bottom road of our Campsite. Note the very long corona, which differs from the triandrus we find in the Picos de Europa, which usually have a much shorter corona and the flowers are not as white as this one.
    Since sending James the photos, we have found another N.bulbocodium x N.triandrus hybrid, also at the road end leading to the Campsite! It would appear that we chose the right venue for our stay.
    The food, wine and locals are all great too and we are having a whale of a time here in Narcissus country!
    The next part of our trip will be to act as guides for the Daffodil Society party that will be joining us next week. Then it will be off to the Somiedo and then on to the Picos, so keep watching for our notes from Spain.
    TTFN, Jan & Lynne

  2. It took Jan and Lynne some time to finally get started on their travels but they havent stopped since. Their reports give us a good insight into what is growing in the wild. Enjoy!.

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