A Gold Award for the Daffodil Society

At the Autumn Show at Harrogate the Daffodil Society stand was given a Gold Award by the Northern Horticultural Society. This was our first attempt at this show and congratulations are due to John Freer who designed and built the stand.

Additional help as required was given by Wendy and James Akers, Chris Bone, John Colley and Barry Hogg.

The stand will be fully manned for three days.

7 thoughts on “A Gold Award for the Daffodil Society”

  1. Very many congratulations to the Northern Group on winning a Gold Medal for the superbly informative display at the Harrogate Show. A particular thank you to John Freer for his sterling work in its assembly and to those assisting in what is an excellent
    Reg Nicholl

  2. I second Reg’s commendation, well done John and all who assisted a wonderful advert for the Society and the Daffodil.


  3. A bold display. Excellent. Clever to do this at the right time when people are thinking about planting bulbs. Congratulations.

  4. well done john keep up the good work .I hope they got staging right this time for you.

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