AGM and Early Show 24 March 2019

Linda English and
Ron Cain
Dave Hardy and
Ron Cain
Anne Wright and
Ron Cain

What a difference a year makes. In 2018 there was snow and the AGM and accompanying show was cancelled. This year much sunshine and the earliest daffodil season in living memory.

Although the AGM has been accompanied in most years by a small show, this has really been a minor event with few flowers and even fewer exhibitors.

In recent years there has been a growing interest in miniature daffodils. The Winter Show in Belfast and the RHS Show at Rosemoor, Devon have led the the way with flowers on view which have been rarely seen on the show bench because they flower much earlier than the standard varieties. It was therefore decided by the Northern Group to introduce a significant number of classes for miniatures and intermediates and at the same time remove the restrictions currently in place at Daffodil Society shows which only allow approved cultivars and no seedlings.

It was unanimously agreed by all who attended that the experiment was an unqualified success.  There were 187 flowers in the classes for Standard daffodils and 195 in those for Miniatures and Intermediates (plus four pots) from the 17 exhibitors. Even our President Professor Ron Cain, the ‘go-to’ in the Daffodil Society for things growing in the wild, was amazed to see species on the show bench that he had never seen before such as N. x koshinamurai and N. ubriquensis.

We were pleased to welcome as exhibitors to the show Dave Hardy from Northern Ireland (he did originate from Lancashire) and Linda and Jeff English from the Midlands (better known as Darn Sarth). Linda did particularly well with her miniatures, winning the class for 6 miniatures shown in individual vases, and the best exhibit in this section along with several other prizes.
The full Results List can be seen by licking here and the Best Bloom and Best Exhibit List by clicking here.

Because of my lack of mobility I was only able to take the few photographs below but would welcome any that you can send me, though I cannot promise to include them all.

James Akers




The following  pictures were sent be Anne Wright

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  1. The best early show I have been involved with since be coming secratary well done to every body and James for funding the lunch and all those involved preparing it a big Thank You

  2. a great show and well done to all who won on the day. There were some excellent blooms on the show bench. Many thanks to all behind the scenes for organising the show, your efforts are much appreciated.

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