AGM and early show at Denton Community Centre on Sunday 8 March 2015

A warm welcome to all northern growers to the AGM 2015. You have all been contacted by Chris Bone, by post, but there has been a slight change in the programme since.

The day’s events are as follows:
10 am Staging of blooms
11.30 am Committee Meeting
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm AGM (main item to be discussed – new display boards for out of season events).
3.00 pm We have been invited to visit the growing area of the local Denton Chrysantemum Society (it is nearby) which should be very interesting. We had an illustrated talk, by Ken Harrop recently but it is always good to see how the successful exhibitors grow their bulbs.
3 – 4pm this timing will depend on how long it will take to visit the glasshouses – tea and biscuits
5.00 Meeting ends.

Early show schedule of classes6

1. 5 blooms of any cultivar or cultivars, staged in one vase
2. 3 blooms any cultivar or cultivars division 6, in one vase
3. 3 blooms any one cultivar, one vase
4. 3 blooms Approved miniature in one vase
5. 3 blooms any one type, division 13, in one vase
6. 1 bloom division 1, yellow perianth
7. 1 bloom division 1, white perianth
8. 1 bloom, division 2, yellow perianth
9. 1 bloom, division 2, white perianth
10. 1 bloom, division 3
11. 1 bloom division 4
12. 1 bloom, division 6, yellow perianth
13. 1 bloom, division 6, white perianth
14. 1 bloom, division 5, 7 or 8
15. 1 bloom division 11
16. 1 bloom any other division.
17. 1 bloom, Approved miniature
18. 1 pot or bowl of Approved miniature daffodils, section A or B


Best bloom in show – Daffodil Society Bronze Medal
Best exhibit in show – Northern Group Early Trophy

Show Rules

Staging from 11 am to 1.45 pm
Judging to commence at 2 pm
Judging of flowers will be to Daffodil Society rules
There are no entry fees and no prize money
Vases will be provided but exhibitors should supply their own packing material