Ancient Society of York Florists 15 April 2012

This report and two photographs was contributed by John Freer who also judged the show.

Classes for Division 1 to 4 were keenly contested by Cliff Bilborough and Ken Bowser.

Cliff was the winner of Class 1, for six cultivars from 3 divisions which were ‘Gin and Lime’, ‘Rathowen Gold’, ‘Young Blood’, ‘Altun Ha’, ‘Camelot’ and ‘Doctor Hugh’.

Ken came second with ‘Silent Valley’, ‘Arleston’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Honeybourne’, ‘Dorchester’ and ‘Round Oak’.

Class 2 calling for three vases of three blooms, one cultivar per vase was won by Ken with ‘Clouded Yellow’, ‘Neon Light’ and ‘Ombersley’, Cliff came second with ‘Bravoure’, ‘Altun Ha’ and ‘Angel’

Best exhibit was a vase of three ‘Doctor Hugh’ shown by Cliff Bilbrough. (see below left)

There is no award for best bloom in show which would have been ‘Katy Miller’ raised by Ken Bowser and shown by him. (below right)


Sue Vindon took most of the Division 4 to 12  classes

There were a total of 126 blooms which were shown by six exhibitors

Due to the lack of blooms the Daffodil Society Classification Stand was put on display .

John Freer also put on a display of 12 vases of 3 blooms 2 pots of miniatures and some single vases showing most divisions