Ancient Society of York Florists 21 April 2013

Contributed by John Freer

Held at Askham Bryan College, York

This show is a good all round spring show. This year there was a shortage of auriculas and tulips  but plenty of primulas  and house plants. On the daffodil side there were only a few exhibitors who between them put on a good show, when you consider the season.  Eleven different cultivars of miniatures in the two classes were remarked upon by many of the public, who  found these of great interest.

Ken Bowser had best exhibit with his winning entry in class 1. There is no award for best bloom, if there had been, a Katie Miller in his vase of three div 2, would have been in contention. Ken raised this cultivar.

Other blooms of note were Chanson 1 W-P, again from Ken’s entry in class 1. Also John Daniel div 4 Y-Y, shown by Christine Yeardley.

A vase of three Kiwi Sunset div 4 Y-R was Christine Yeardley’s best vase  of all her entries ( Christine’s words not mine)

Class 1)six blooms from 3 divisions
1st Ken Bowser: Arleston, Entrepreneur, Chanson, Banker, Pacific Rim, Jason’s Bay.
2nd Christine Yeardley: Corbiere, Silent Pink, Park Springs, John Daniel, Sportsman, Countdown.

Class 2) three vases of three cultivars  1st  Christine Yeardley: Twilight Zone, Filly, Demmo.
2nd John Freer:  Rapture,  Warbler, Trena.

Class 3) one bloom from div 1/2/3. 1st  Christine Yeardley: Park Springs, Gold Velvet, Golden Joy.
2nd Christine Yeardley: Corbiere,  Park Springs, Silent Pink.

Class  4) three div 1. 1st Christine Yeardley: Gold Velvet. 2nd D. Bull: Pink Silk. 3rd John Freer: Arkle.

Class 5) three div 2. 1st 2nd and 3rd Ken Bowser: Katie Miller, 2nd Banker, 3rd  Pacific Rim.

Class 6) three div 3. 1st Sue Vinden: Merlin, 2nd Ken Bowser: New Penny, 3rd Christine Yeardley: Triple Crown.

Class 7) three div 4. 1st Christine Yeardley: Kiwi Sunset, 2nd Sue Vinden: My Story.

Class 8) three from divs 5,6,7,8,9, 1st John Freer: Endear, 2nd John Freer: Rapture, 3rd Christine Yeardley: Sweetness.

Class 9) three div 11. 1st John Freer: Cool Evening, 2nd Sue Vinden: 2 Jack Wood, Gillan.

Class 10) one div1 1st J Bull: Pink Silk, 2nd Christine Yeardley:Gold Velvet, 3rd Christine Yeardley: Corbiere.

Class 11) one div 2. 1st Ken Bowser: Katie Miller, 2nd Sue Vinden:  Knightsbridge, 3rd Christine Yeardley: Broomhill.

Class 12) one div 3 . 1st Ken Bowser: New Penny, 2nd Sue Vinden: Merlin.

Class 13) one div 4. 1st Sue Vinden: John Daniel, 2nd John Freer: Kiwi Magic.

Class 14 ) one div 6. 1st Sue Vinden: Trena, 2nd Sue Vinden:  Cool Geek, 3rd. John  Freer: Rapture.

Class 15) one from div 5,7,8,or 9. 1st Sue Vinden: Falconet, 2nd Sue Vinden: Sweetness, 3rd Ron Crabtree: Mission Bells.

Class 16) one div 11. 1st John Freer: Cool Evening, 2nd Sue Vinden: Cassata.

Class 17) three miniatures in one vase. 1st  Christine Yeardley: N. cyclamineus, 2nd Sue Vinden: Mitzy, 3rd Ron Crabtree: Sabrosa

Class 18 ) one bloom Miniature. 1st Christine Yeardley: N. cyclamineus. 2nd Sue Vinden: Segovia,. 3rd. Ron Crabtree: Yellow Pearl.

Class 19) Pot or bowl max 6” 1st 2nd 3rd John Freer: 1st Trena, 2nd Little Witch, 3rd Classic Gold.

Novice Classes

Class 20 ) three blooms 1st and 2nd Miss Beth Wilson: 1st Jet fire 2nd St Keverne.

Class 21) one bloom.  1st 2nd  3rd  Miss Beth Wilson 1st Jetfire 2nd St Keverne 3rd St Keverne

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Class 1
Class 1
Class 2
Class 2
Class 3
Class 3
Katie Miller
Katie Miller