Catforth Daffodil Show 24 March 2012

The first show of the season here in the North West was very well attended by exhibitors and villagers alike.

Andrew Clarke received the ‘Eileen Alty Memorial Trophy’ for winner of class 1 (six blooms staged in bottles) with ‘Treena’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Broomhill’, ‘Loch Hope’, ‘Arkle’ and ‘Pink Silk’ (exhibit second from the right in the photograph above). Andrew went on to win the ‘D & M Roscow Trophy’ awarded for the Miniature Championship Class with ‘Odoratus’, ‘Pacific Coast’ and ‘Mite’. Judge Ian Tyler also awarded Andrew a Diploma for his ‘Boslowick’(11a Y-O).

The Daffodil Society Bronze Medal for best bloom in show went to Keith Capper for ‘Clubman’ (see picture below) which along with ‘Coobar’ and ‘Loch Hope’ also won the ‘Ellan Vannin Trophy’ for best Exhibit in Show.

The ‘Mona Trophy’ for Best Exhibit in Local Classes was awarded to Tom Alty for his exhibit of ‘Sealing Wax’, ‘Boslowick’ and ‘Broomhill’ in this exhibit ‘Sealing Wax’ also received a Diploma from the judge.

M. Purdam received the ‘Abbeylands Trophy’ for best Novice Exhibit with his single bloom of ‘Warbler’.

Tom and Andrew made all welcome with home-made refreshments throughout the day and raised £350 to donate to cancer research.









Basket of division 6 by Len Tomlinson Catforth (above right)

Basket of seedlings by Len Tomlinson Catforth (above left)

Contributed by Margaret Capper

4 thoughts on “Catforth Daffodil Show 24 March 2012”

  1. I enjoyed reading about the north west shows, it completes the picture of northern shows. It was sad to read that it was the last Bar Top show, any reason why? I hope someone might post photos of some blooms and people. What a season, really hot then cold and wet and windy. Everybody who put flowers on the bench this spring should be congratulated.

  2. I think they were exhibited by Andrew Clarke. Have sent a link to Tom and Andrew asking for confirmation.

    1. Sorry Margaret. Keith had sent me the details with the photographs, but I failed to read them. They have now been added.

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