Colne Horticultural Society 9 April

This was my second visit to judge this show, and although I was told that the number of entries had suffered due to the clash with the Manchester Bar Top show, there were some nice flowers. I was ably assisted by an excellent steward Rosey Thompson and observer Clive Johnson. Although they weren’t deliberately posed in that position the school sign above their heads in the photograph (click on it to make it bigger) certainly applied to them.
There were only two entries in each of the two main collection classes. The first, three vases of three was won by Dianne Mason and her vase of three ‘Chobe River’ won the Diploma for Best Vase of three blooms in the show. One of these blooms also being in close contention for Best Bloom. Alan Greenwood was second, but the positions were reversed in the class for six cultivars from the Daffodil Society list of approve cultivars. Alan showed Arkle, Colliford, Doctor Hugh, Corbiere, Strines and Misty Glen. All were smooth flowers and well staged, a little down on size for the cultivar but well worth the Diploma for Best exhibit in show. Dianne’s flowers were not all standard flowers, with (from memory) only one yellow perianth flower, and were certainly not as well staged which cost her the first prize as there was only half a point difference between the two entries.
The Best Bloom in the show was Alan Greenwood’s Gold Convention.
Another exhibit that caught the eye was an excellent pot of Tête à Tête and Ray Firth had the best Bloom in the Novices.

James Akers

The Show
Clive and Rosey
Chobe River - Best vase of three


Gold Convention - Best Bloom


Best exhibit in show


pot of Tête à Tête

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  1. Many thanks for attending again this year James, your enthusiasm, patience, expertise, encouragement and ongoing support are much appreciated. In particular I’d like to thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with keen novices showing for the first time. Good luck with the rest of the shows – we look forward to seeing you in Colne next year.

    1. Thank you Rosey (I will put your name right in the post), you’re very kind. I had a super day, particularly when we got back to Wakefield and saw that Wendy had Best Bloom in the show.

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