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  1. ‘Zoom in’ on best blooms in Scotland
    Two new web pages are now available where you can use ‘zoom’ and ‘magnify’ features to obtain close-up views of some of the best blooms and best vases at some of the shows in Scotland.

    When you view the pages, simply move your mouse pointer over the images down the left side and you will see a larger version of the image appear alongside. Move your mouse pointer around the smaller image to see each exhibit in close-up detail. You can even increase magnification by using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

    Viewing tips:
    for best results position the small image towards the top of the display area and make the browser window wide enough to show the entire magnified image.

    Links: These links will display the ‘zoom’ pages:

    Aberdeen RHS and Royal Caledonian shows => http://www.chrysanthemums.info/zoom/daffs2012-bv-zooms.htm

    Dundee Daffodil Group Show => http://www.chrysanthemums.info/zoom/daffs2012-bv-zooms2.htm



    1. Folks,
      just a quick item to let you know that I’ve registered a new domain name http://www.aberdaffs.info – Daffodils in Aberdeen, and consolidated all daffodil related pages under this domain. All future pages/updates will be part of Daffodils in Aberdeen. Please update any links or favourites.

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