Daffodil Society Wessex Group 10 April

Info and photos Ian Tyler

As promised previously because it had a Northern judge, the much travelled Ian Tyler, here are a few photographs from the show at Hinton, Somerset.

Perhaps Ian, Derek and Jackie (and anyone else who reads this post) can add a few more details and perhaps send a few more photographs. It would be nice to see a photograph of the overall show and a few of the exhibitors.

James Akers

Best Bloon in show and Best Bloom division 2 'Touch Down' Evelyn Jane
Reserve Best Bloom in show and Best Bloom division 1 'Ombersley' Derek Phillips
Best Bloom division 3 'Moon Shadow' Evelyn Jane
Best Bloom division 4 'Tasgem' Alan Purnel

Best Exhibit in show 'Banker' Derek Phillips
Best Miniature Bloom in show, 'Stafford' Jackie Petherbridge

Evelyn Jane's winning 6 cultivar entry
The show

The show
Jackie Petherbridge, Ted Perrin and Keith Boxall discuss the show


4 thoughts on “Daffodil Society Wessex Group 10 April”

  1. How nice to see ‘Banker’ with good colour in the corona. I feel that far too many judges give it a Best Bloom award purely on size and form when it is totally lacking in its orange colour. However in this case it was obviously well worth its Best Exhibit award.

  2. I am pleased to see how often Ian takes photographs of flowers at 45 degrees rather than full face. For trumpets and division 2 blooms in particular it gives a much better impression of the quality of the flower.

  3. I have emailed some general pics from the Wessex Show you asked for.
    The Six are the main class asking for 6 cultivars selected from Div 1 to 4, four divisions to be represented, they were shown by Evelyn Jane.
    One of the other Shots include Jackie, Ted Perrin and Keith Boxall

    Ivor Clark

  4. Thank you Ivor.

    I think it helps when you can see general pictures of the show. I like the staging.

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