Daffseek Photographer Pins

Most Daffodil exhibitors will be familiar with Daffseek the American Daffodil Society facility which provides on-line photographs and details of daffodils, both hybrids and species. Nancy Tackett and Ben Blake have themselves awarded Daffseek Photographer pins to people who have contributed many photographs for use on the site.

At the RHS Late Daffodil Competition, Nancy presented pins to two ‘northerners’, Reg Nicholl (pictured below), who has been doing missionary service in the South for many years, and James Akers. Tony James had already received his pin (presented by Jackie Petherbridge) at The Daffodil Society Dinner at the Annual show, a photograph of which appears on the Daffodil Society website.

Also receiving pins at Wisley were Michael Baxter, who I am told is also a missionary from the North, and Roger Braithwaite.

Reg Nicholl receiving the Daffseek Photographer pin from Nancy Tackett
A Daffseek Photographer pin

5 thoughts on “Daffseek Photographer Pins”

  1. Hi James
    Many thanks for your kindness in publishing my old physog and congratulations on
    receiving your pin which is truly merited. Since moving south there are now more heathens than ever, so I have been an abject failure.
    Best wishes to you both

  2. As a Missionary from the South who has been educating the Northerners for many years,
    I would like to say that I was awarded my daffseek pin award in Jackson MS, USA by Ben and Nancy and was, I think the first Brit to receive one!
    But would like to add my congratulations to all other who have been granted this award and specially to my friend Tony James who was also give the higher award of a daffseek team pin, so much well deserved.

    1. Thank you for that Ian. Are there any more we have missed?

      For a man of your age, originally from the south and now living the wrong side of the Pennines “you’re good on your pins”

  3. James how do you become a member of the Northern Group thanks Jeff

  4. Jeff

    Any member of the Daffodil Society is welcome at the two meetings which we have each year and the late show which we have at Pilley. We do not have a membership fee but yet we are financially sound. In the next couple of days I will post the date of our bulb sale meeting this autumn, and also next year’s AGM and the late show.

    James Akers

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