Flowers seen at Northern Ireland Shows 2011

The season here in N Ireland was compressed into about 2 weeks; however thanks to fridges etc we had shows until the season ended on Saturday 7th May at Omagh.

I’ve picked out a selection of flowers and faces that I hope viewers will find interesting.  I have deliberately avoided photos of the constant winners but hope I’ve included future winners.

Derrick Turbitt

'Temba' Best Bloom division 1 at Belfast (Brian Duncan)
DT1104 ('Loch Borro' x 'High Society') shown at Hillsborough by Derrick Turbitt

DT9718 winner of three bloom seedling class at Belfast (Derrick Turbitt)
Seedling 1083 at Ballymena, bred and shown by Maurice Kerr

Seedling 217 Best Amateur seedling at Belfast show (Richard McCaw)
Robbie Curry, Ronnie Campbell, George Wilson at Coleraine

Ring Flash 2W-YYO (Brian Duncan)
'Orbital Pink' Best Bloom Belfast (Robbie Curry)

'Montroig' Best Vase of 3 ay Belfast (Brian Duncan)
'Kathy A' Best Any other Division at Hillsborough (Brian Duncan)

'Ice Emerald' Hillsborough (Nial Watson)
'Hyperbole' at Belfast (Brian Duncan)

Winning 12 bloom Championship of Ireland (Brian Duncan)
Seedling 475 division 9 Best Any other Division at Belfast (Niasl Watson)

Dave Vivash, Ben Blake and Nancy Tackett judges at Omagh show
'Compton Court' Best Bloom Ballymena (Robbie Curry)

'Brassicala' Best Bloom division 4 at Omagh (Brian Duncan)
'Treasure Hunt' Best Bloom division 2 (Brian Duncan)

2 thoughts on “Flowers seen at Northern Ireland Shows 2011”

  1. lovely pics Derrick, and how nice to see the smiling faces as well. I have added Temba to my wish list on the strength of your photograph.

  2. Thank you for the update Derrick. Wendy mentioned that it was nice to see the smiling faces. Well being someone who was privileged to meet you all again at Belfast Show after some 10 years i can concur. It was a weekend to remember. Its the people that do it!.

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