Group Autumn Meeting

The group’s autumn meeting and bulb sale was held at Denton, west of the Pennines on Sunday 2 October.

After a short open meeting, we were entertained by an excellent talk by Ian Tyler entitled American Adventures.

Ian, a Committee Member of the Daffodil Society, is a regular attendee at the Annual conventions of the American Daffodil Society, having to date made nine such trips.

He entertained the audience with a comprehensive breakdown of the whole experience from getting on the plane in the United Kingdom.

Anyone who has read the Daffodil Society publications will know that Ian is an excellent photographer and this was well demonstrated with photographs taken from the plane (the one below he considers one of the best he has ever taken).

One one occasion he chose to complete his travel to the convention by train from Chicago to the west coast of the USA and these pictures were also spectacular.

The opportunity for his audience to put a face to people who they had read about in daffodil publications was greatly appreciated.

The minor difference between the judging arrangements in the USA and UK was explained and the contrast between the staging methods in the two countries was well illustrated.

All in all, a humorous talk, very well presented, for which those present from the Northern Group showed their appreciation.

The remainder of the meeting was taken up with the annual bulb auction. The group would like to thank the donors, Rae Beckwith, Frankie Charlton of Choice Bulbs, Brian Duncan, Ivor Fox of Miniature Bulbs, Jan Pennings, Nial Watson of Ringhaddy, Ron Scamp Daffodils and Johnnie Walkers of Taylors Bulbs for their generosity.

In addition all attendees were offered free of charge as a donation from Ivor and Barbara  Fox of Miniature Bulbs UK three bulbs of ‘Jamage’, a raising of George Tarry former President of both the Daffodil Society and the Northern Group who died recently. A special class for one bloom of this cultivar will be included in the schedule of the Harrogate Spring Show 2012 in George’s honour. We are reliably informed that this cultivar is the most northerly raised tazetta hybrid to be registered.





4 thoughts on “Group Autumn Meeting”

  1. I really enjoyed Ian’s talk, it captured the excitement of travelling to America and the amazing terrain, deserts, mountains and best of all the people. He spoke for an hour without notes and his extraordinary memory for names and places was wonderful. The donated bulbs were the best I’ve seen, large and healthy. Thank you to our western members who welcomed us. A good day.

  2. I was flattered that Ian remembered my use of white plastic spoons to indicate the names of some bulbs and plants in my garden, but not all! I wanted to particularly call attention to the fact that the very BEST marking pen to use is not one of the usual, ‘so called’ felt tip permanent markers, because the UV rays from the sun eliminates the name within a year or so. Instead, I have found that a marking pen, DecoColor that is made in China and marketed by Uchida of America Corp, Torrance, California is much more permanent and can be used on other labels, not just my favorite white plastic spoons (sometimes I will use a plastic knife), but I always print the name on the handle portion that I stick in the ground, as well as where it can be seen. All the very best from Ross Hotchkiss in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.

  3. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Northern Group to thank all those who attended the meeting on Sunday and all the bulb donators for being so generous. We raised a total sum of £408 .Without you we could not have done it.

  4. I would like to thank all people who sent the get well card to me. I am recovering slowly .From above I have been using Chinagraph pencil for over 30 years write on plastic to glass. One other tip is write on top and bottom of label and put half under ground if you knock top off you still have the name or cross . Get pencil from good art shop appox £1.50 .

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