Harrogate (Centenary) Spring Show – 14-17 April

The Northern Group would like to congratulate the North of England Horticultural Society on their centenary, and thank them for once again providing the wonderful spectacle of Daffodils and other flowers.

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We scoured the country for the five best judges and here they are. From left to right Peter Wilkins, Tony James, Derek Williams, Ron Cain and Richard Smales.
I had intended to bring a voice recorder but unfortunately I forgot so (from memory only) with the picture is what they were saying.

The five wise men

The other four It’s no laughing matter Ron

If that photographer doesn’t get out of my line of vision I will poke him one.

Peter I thought Richard only liked judging big flowers
Ron He does, that’s why Rae Beckwith said make sure he gets all the ‘other division’ flowers.

Richard I didn’t know they did them in white as well.

Richard Oh no! Here’s Morris Robinson with another one!

Ron He must be joking
Derek He is
Tony (off stage) I’ll come back with the casting vote when they have made their mind up

The Northern Group bureau will be manned (womanned) throughout the show. Here is Anne Smales setting it up together with some of our new cards.

Anne Smales 'Setting her stall out'
A few of the new Northern Group cards

The Northern Group Educational Stand prepared by John Freer and which won a Silver Gilt Award
Hear all, see all, say nowt, tak' all, keep all, gie nowt, an' if tha wan'sta ger a'ed ger a cap (Trranslations available from J L Akers)



Now the Champion Blooms

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Barry Hogg with his Best Vase of Three 'Midas Touch'
Grand Champion Bloom 'Midas Touch'

Reserve Grand Champion Bloom and Champion Bloom division 2 'Banker' Frank Charlton
Champion Bloom divison 3 'Evesham' Ken Harrop
Champion Bloom division 4 'Dorchester' John Peace

Champion Bloom division 5 'Miss Lizzy' Barbara Fox
Champion Bloom division 6 'Rapture' Dianne Mason
Champion Bloom division 7 'Irish Trip' Ivor Fox

Champion Bloom division 8 'Silver Chimes' Richard Hilson
Champion Bloom division 9 'Blisland' Sue Vinden
Champion Bloom division 10 'Golden Bells' Wendy Akers

Champion Bloom division 11 (central bloom) 'Cool Evening' Sue Vinden
Champion Bloom division 12 'Upalong' Richard Hilson
Champion Bloom division 13 and Champion Miniature N. poeticus hellenicus Sue Vinden

Champion Intermediate 'Signorina' John Freer
Champion Bloom Transition Classes 'Angel' Andrew Clark
Champion Bloom Novice Classes 'Aircastle' Alan Gardner

Best Unregistered Seedling in show 1-17-02 Rae Beckwith

Harrogate Centenary Class for cultivars over 100 years old, won by Chris Bone
Best Vase of three miniatures 'Mitzy' Ivor Fox

North of England Championship

Any fears that we had that as a result of the clash of show dates, RHS show Tuesday, Harrogate Thursday and Daffodil Society Saturday, entries in collection classes would be down were completely unfounded. There were four good entries in this class, four entries in the Amateur twelve and one entry in the Society class. Never before at Harrogate have there been nine entries in classes for 12 standard daffodils.

North of England Championship winner Ken Harrop
North of England Championship second Frank Charlton

North of England Championship third Barry Hogg
North of England Championship unplaced entry Chris Bone

Presentation of Awards

The awards were presented by the Northern Group President Wendy Akers with Chairman Rae Beckwith the Master of Ceremonies

As all recipients of awards were not present, it is possible to see a list of all Trophy winners and awards if you click here

John Peace Winner of the North Of England Amateur Championship
Ivor Fox winner of the International Collection Class and also The North of England Miniature Championship

Wendy Akers winner of the North of England Amateur Miniature Class
Sue Vinden winner of the Daffodil Society Centenary Commemoration Class

Christine Yeardley winner of the George Tarry Perpetual Trophy
Geoff Gardener winner of the Jack Morley Trophy
Barry Hogg winner of the Jim Pearce Award for Grand Champion Bloom
Ken Bowser winner of the medal for the Jim Akers Class

Andrew Clark winner of the Daffodil Society Medal for Champion Bloom in the Transition classes
Morris Robinson winner of the Tulip Championship of Great Britain

Trade Stands

Despite a broken leg, toboganning (at his age), Johnny Walkers put on his usual fine stand, rewarded with a Premier Award.

Choice Bulbs (Frank Charlton) and Miniature Bulbs (Barbara and Ivor Fox) put up a Gold Medal winning joint stand as well as staging several prize-winning exhibits in the competitive classes of our show.

Johnny Walkers' stand
Choice Bulbs and Miniature Bulbs' Joint Stand


The Breakdown Team

It’s often said that there wouldn’t be a show if there weren’t any exhibitors.

More importantly there wouldn’t be a show if there were not the faithful few who each year put up the show, manage the bureau and when it’s all over take it all down. Just a few shots of the latter, no names – you all know who you are, but many thanks again for all your help.

Another year over - see you next year!

8 thoughts on “Harrogate (Centenary) Spring Show – 14-17 April”

  1. Great Midas Touch. Congrats to Barry Hogg. I also loved the pics and comments featuring the learned Judges.

  2. Well done getting things on so quickly !! Loved the photos and comments James.

    1. The secretary and committee would like to thank all those involved from the show staff to the exhibitors for making it one of the best shows we have had for years.
      Let’s hope we can make it even better in 2012

  3. This is the first time we have visited youir site – congratulations to whoever put it together. We enjoyed the photos of people – identifying friends and seeing some excellent flowers. That was an excellent Midas Touch, Barry. If any of you are spreading pollen around it is a great breeder!

    We were a bit disappointed that there were no entries in the NZ Class – it is a handsome gold medal. Never mind, there’s always next year.

    Our kind regards to all Northern growers and exhibitors.

  4. With your long experience of visiting UK shows, and therefore knowing which New Zealand cultivars are available/grown in the UK, perhaps you would like to post ten cultivars which you would recommend for this class.
    I will then check which suppliers, if any, stock them and we will let the Harrogate exhibitors know so that in 2012 we will get some entries.

    Thank you for your kind comments about the site.

  5. well done Frankie and Ivor and Barbara and anyone else who worked on your Gold Medal winning stand. I didn’t see it ‘in the flesh’ as it were. I set off twice to the flower halls and got waylaid by something else so I didn’t see it until it apperared on the Website. I had been told it looked good, but what a spectacle! Wonderful effort. Johnny Walkers is a legend in his own lifetime for the amazing display he achieves each spring but how did he manage it with a broken leg? Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Some good flowers James, an observation from a Novice – Ken did all three shows and Frankie did the National as well as Harrogate, where were all the other exhibitors at these shows, were they short of flowers? Even I managed to get to two of the shows.
    Hope more will be at Wisley and the National show next year.

    1. Hopefully having the main RHS show at Wisley, Monday (staging) and Tuesday, Harrogate Wednesday (staging) and Thursday etc plus Warwick Friday (staging) and Saturday/Sunday wont happen too often. Like you Wendy and I managed two out of three plus I judged at York on the Saturday.
      It has been a very strange season after a hard winter threatened to make it a late one. Most people are already flowered out and I doubt that there will be much at Wisley next Monday/Tuesday. Wendy has a few pots of miniatures in the fridge if they survive.

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