Harrogate Spring Show 2018

Although this was generally a late season, by 26 April daffodils had caught up so the show was not the bumper one that had been expected a few weeks before the event. It had however been probably the worst season ever for those like Johnny Walkers who put on displays at shows like this. However as the above photo shows, where there’s a will there’s a way!
Frankie Charlton’s display attracted so many viewers to his stand that I was unable to get an uninterrupted photo, however one of the most interesting items on display was a bowl of John Blanchard’s miniature cultivar Peseta with siax florets on each stem. I have grown it for years and never managed more than three.
Ken Harrop, including his nom de plume of Denton C & D Society, won the Open 12 bloom and Society collection classes including in the former the Grand Chapion Bloom ‘Spoilt Choice’ and in the same class Frankie Charlton had the Best Seedling Bloom, a Brian Duncan 1Y=P seedling where apparently the seedling number and its parents have been lost. Keep looking Frankie. Full lists all the Show Results and Best Blooms can be seen by clicking the links.
Mention also should be made here of Eddie Crutchley’s ‘The Baltic’ which was the Reserve Grand Champion Bloom albeit being shown in the Transition Exhibitor’s Section, and Ivor an Barbara Fox’s success in gaining so many Best Bloom awards.
A few photos are shown below, click on the images to increase their size. One plea to the Groups Show organisers. Please provide an area to which flowers can be taken to be photographed so to be clear of other flowers.

‘Spoilt Choice’
Grand Champion
Ken Harrop
‘The Baltic’
Reserve Grand Champion
Eddie Crutchley
1Y-P seedling
Best Seedling
Frankie Charlton
‘Miss Lizzie;
Best Div 5
Daphne Hogg
‘Mary Plumstead’
Best Miniature
Ivor Fox
‘Clouded Yellow’
Best Vase of Three
Steve Ryan