Leeds Paxton Society Spring Show 5 April 2014

A good display of both daffodils & pot plants was missed by many as like many other shows  there were not not enough visitors to appreciate the work that goes into running a flower show. Graham Wheatley and his team need to be congratulated on their efforts.

In all there were 25 exhibitors who showed 260 exhibits, with the main Daffodil Classes having 8 exhibitors showing 103 exhibits.

The Paxton Members five Daffodil Classes had 11 exhibitors with 57 exhibits.

Best bloom and Best exhibit went to Ivor Fox with an intermediate size cultivar,  ‘Commodore Perry’ (1W-P) a USA raised cultivar which is on the ADS list though not yet on the Daffodil Society one. Ivor also had the Best Bloom division 6 ‘Rapture’, Best Vase division 6 with three blooms of ‘Emcys’ and the Best Vase of three miniatures.

Sue Vinden had Best Bloom miniature with Narcissus rupicola

Other exhibits which caught the eye were 3 blooms division 1, ’ Midas Touch’, ‘York Minster’, 3 blooms division 2 ‘Sealing Wax’, ‘Whisky Mac’, 3 blooms division 3, ‘Merlin’ (shown by Margaret Holmes) , ‘Segovia’,  ‘Mot Mot’ (shown by Ron Crabtree) and ‘Martinette’.

John Freer won the Cintra Denison Trophy with his winning entry in the six cultivar class and the John Emmett Trophy for best exhibit in member’s classes with ‘Arkle’. His vase of 3 division 1 blooms was in contention for Best Exhibit but two flowers of the same cultivar of different size let it down.

Two other flowers of note were ‘Dainty Miss’ (7W-W) and ‘Whisky Mac’ which featured in 3 classes; a lovely smooth flower for a cheap bulb £1.50.

Trillium chloropetalum won the trophy for best pot plant, shown by Carl Denton who has 0ne of only two UK National collections of trilliums.

Classes for division 6
Classes for
division 6
'Commodore Perry' Ivor Fox
‘Commodore Perry’
Ivor Fox
'Midas Touch' 'York Minster'(2)
‘Midas Touch’
‘York Minster'(2)
'Whisky Mac'
‘Whisky Mac’