Nailsea Show 2 April

Although Nailsea (Somerset) certainly doesn’t qualify as a northern show, we have included it because the judge Ian Tyler went all the way down there from Wigan and provided the photographs. It seems to have been a Derek Phillips ‘benefit’, but perhaps some of the other exhibitors might like to comment using the facility below.

What were the flowers in your twelve, Derek and which was the best exhibit?

'Banker', 'River Queen' and 'Lennymore'
Derek Phillips with his three vases of three blooms

Derek Phillips with his collection of nine blooms
Best Bloom in show 'Banker' Derek Phillips

4 thoughts on “Nailsea Show 2 April”

  1. there’s something pleasingly symmetrical about a treasurer winning with a Banker

  2. It was a good day for me: it doesnt happen too often. There were only three entries in the 9 championship but all of good quality. The other exhibitors being Alan Purnell and Ivor Clarke. The 3×3 vases of Banker; River Queen; and Lennymore faced still greater competition the following day down in the New Forest, winning a class of 8 entries and once again awarded ‘best exhibit’.
    Varieties in the 9 were Banker; River Queen; Cape Cornwall; Alto; Ombersley; Watership Down; Strines; Silver Sabre; and Firehills. It would be nice to say that these also went on to win at New Forest, and perhaps they would of if I had read the schedule which required three divisions, and hadn’t suffered the ignomony of an NAS from John Gibson. This was much to the great joy of the locals.
    Ian Tyler is in the West Country again on Sunday to judge the Wessex Group Show, which is good news, as after Nailsea I am reassured that he is a very fine judge of daffodils indeed !

    1. Not a bad photographer either. Interesting that in the natural light of the atrium in Nailsea, Banker has a definite (if pale) orange cup. The following day in a hall at New Forest under fluorescent lights it appeared all yellow. Derek.

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