Narcissus medioluteus

Help please

Narcissus medioluteus (N. biflorus, Primrose Peerless, April Lady)

I am researching an article about this daffodil which was recorded as being common
throughout the UK in 1600 and was still widespread in 1930. Does anyone know of extant colonies in old gardens, cemeteries, woodlands etc. It seems to have disappeared from our gardens or hopefully just fallen below the radar.
It flowers in April with 1 – 3 but usually 2 small white flowers on a tall stem with small yellow cups. The perianth segments are often distorted. It is scented.
The other mystery is where the cross could have occurred (it is tazetta × poeticus) Does
anyone know where these two daffodils grow together in the wild?

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Christine Skelmersdale Feb 2013