Northern Group Meetings and Show Dates

The following dates are for your diary. More information will follow nearer the date:-

Saturday 3 March 2012 AGM at Pilley

Wednesday 25 April 2012 Harrogate Spring Show (staging)

Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 April 2012 Harrogate Spring Show

Sunday 6 May 2012 Northern Group Late Show at Pilley

Saturday 22 September 2012 Bulb Sale at Pilley

If secretaries of Societies would like to use the comment facility below to inform us of the date of their daffodil show in 2012 we will slot it into the above list. This will also help other societies to fix their date to hopefully avoid clashes of shows in the same area.

2 thoughts on “Northern Group Meetings and Show Dates”

  1. This is just to remind members about the meeting and bulb auction on Saturday at Pilley with the committee meeting starting at 11-30am and main meeting at 1-30pm followed by guest speaker (John Gibson) and the bulb auction.
    The bulbs on offer so far are
    Oxford Gold 10y-y
    Dunstan’s Fire 1y-o
    Majestic Gold 1y-y
    Yellow Pearl 7y-y
    Saxenbury 2y-y
    Sabrosa 7y-y
    Angels Whisper 5y-y
    Sporiot 10w-w
    Minnowlet 11ay-y (minature)
    Burntwood 4y-r (intermediate)
    Folkstone Girl 11a y-r (interediate)
    Plymouth Hoe 1y-r (new for 2013)
    Centenary Gold 2y-y (new for 2013)
    Abbey Road 5yw-ww
    Treble Two 7y-y
    Foundling 6w-p
    Douglasbanks 1y-y (dwarf)
    Miss Lizzy 5y-y
    Mybelle 5w-w
    Please come along and have a bid as there is more to come

  2. Please add to the bulb sale list.
    Sherdington 3 W-YYO, Gay Swain 4 W -W, Sally’s Kingdom 4 W-Y,
    Royal Marine 2 W-YOO, Liverpool Featival 2 Y-O, Ombersley 1 Y-Y,
    Carol Lombard 3 W-YYO
    Come along and enjoy you day!.

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