Pie Eaters Daffodil Show – 2 May

Information and photographs – Ian Tyler
Today in Standish the Annual Pie Eaters Daffodil Show was held and this being the shortest season I can remember here in the UK, I was a little concerned about having any entries!
So this morning I took my one flower to the hall, set up and waited, my plan B was if anyone turned up we would go off to the pub and drown our sorrows lamenting a season that was!
To my surprise Frankie Charlton made the trip with a car load of daffodils from Sunderland in the North East of England, having confused his dates and missed the Daffodil Society’s Northern Group Show at the weekend.
His efforts were rewarded by winning the 6 bloom class which was also Best Exhibit and also most points in show.
Ken Harrop sent some flowers with his friend Tom Tinker and was awarded Best
Bloom in show with ‘Moon Shadow’ 3W-Y which I believe was also best bloom at
the DS Northern Group show.
Len Tomlinson put up an interesting 6 in the collection class made up of historics, species and a seedling. This was thought to be an unfair competition against modern hybrids by Judge Gwynne Davies and the organiser, so the exhibit was moved into a class of its own and awarded a Diploma as the Judge was well impressed.
Len also put the historics in the single bloom classes, of which I have taken pictures for your enjoyment as they are not seen that often!
The Worst Daffodil in Show is the tradition at Pie Eaters.

Best Bloom in show 'Moon Shadow' Ken Harrop
Worst Bloom in Show 'Ashmore' D Roscow
Rose of May 4W-W pre 1950
Poler Ice 3W-W
Black Prince 9W-GYR
Santa Claus 4W-W pre 1950