Prizewinners at 2012 shows

The flowers which won first, second and third prizes at the five major shows in the UK, (RHS Daffodil show, SEEDS, Daffodil Society, RHS Late competition and Harrogate) have been analysed.

The complete analysis is sorted by division and the colour by which cultivars may be shown at Daffodil Society shows and by descending order of success. To access click here.

The analysis includes 561 named cultivars and 17 wild daffodils and the information should help exhibitors with their decision on which bulbs to buy.

The table below shows the ten most successful cultivars, seven of which were in the top ten in 2011, though all have appeared in previous years. The most surprising relegation is ‘Silent Valley’ which was number one in 2011, however such a demise is not uncommon.

‘Doctor Hugh’ reappears having been outside the top-ten in 2011 despite being number one in the previous year. The lateness or otherwise of the flowering season can significantly affect the relative success which a cultivar may have.

With such a difficult analysis errors may occur, which you may point out using the reply facility below.

2012 Cultivar Type 1st 2nd 3rd Reg
1 Altun Ha 2Y-W 21 24 13 1987
2 Goldfinger 1Y-Y 17 6 10 1983
3 Dorchester 4W-P 16 11 11 1987
4 Ombersley 1Y-Y 15 14 9 1996
5 Doctor Hugh 3W-GOO 15 12 9 1975
6 Gay Kybo 4W-O 14 10 8 1980
7 Cape Cornwall 2Y-YYO 14 9 6 1996
8 Fairy Chimes 5Y-Y 12 5 3 1976
9 Aircastle 3W-Y 11 5 4 1958
10 Dailmanach 2W-P 10 9 9 1972

6 thoughts on “Prizewinners at 2012 shows”

  1. James,

    I suggest you remove Tripartite from the 1Y-Y section.

    I did appreciate browsing through the results.


  2. James,
    Thanks for posting this list. As you say, an aid to exhibitors making new purchases this year. I really enjoy your website, especially the articles about People of the Past, and the Wild Daffodils.

  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for assembling this. I enjoyed perusing your data on the cultivars’ successes.

    One side comment – you might move ‘Thalia’ from Div. 4 to Div. 5.



  4. Great information for someone like me who is new to daffodils.
    Only one question – based on the ‘top ten’ cultivars why would anyone buy recently released cultivars when the most consistent cultivars have been around for 10 – 15 years? Look forward to some interesting replies.

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