RHS Early Daffodil Competition 27 March 2012

The first RHS Daffodil Competition took place in a new venue, the New Glasshouse Complex at Wisley. Although there had been a few doubts as to its suitability these were soon dispelled and it seemed to win approval from most exhibitors. It also proved popular with visitors who were queuing outside to gain admission well before the choice of best blooms was completed. Unusually these were not exhibitors keen to see how well their flowers had done, but visitors to the garden who were intrigued to see what was going on inside the exhibition hall. Once inside they seemed to be very impressed.



There are only three Best Bloom awards at this show.
Above left is the Best Seedling under number, a 5W-W shown by its raiser John Gibson and on the right (greatly magnified) is ‘Pequenita’ Best Miniature,raised by John Blanchard and chosen from a vase of three miniatures, exhibited by Mrs Terry Braithwaite






Above from two angles is the Best Bloom in the show, ‘Impeccable’ a David Jackson 2Y-Y which was shown by John Goddard




Other blooms which caught the eye were two Intermediate Division 11 flowers both raised by the Daffodil Society President Reg Nicholl.
On the left above is ‘Marion Pearce’, named after the wife of the past Daffodil Society President Jim Pearce, and on the right ‘Jean Nicholl’ named for Reg’s late wife.


Last year at the three RHS shows there were virtually no exhibits in any of the Novice classes. This year we got off to a much better start, let’s hope that it continues!
Left are two very young, very successful novices who won several prizes

There were three excellent trade stands.
John Gibson had a mixed stand, shown above, on which was an eye-catching Narcissus atlanticus (see left)
Jan Pennings’ son-in-law staged a wonderful display of hyacinths which included the Best Exhibit of Hyacinths, ‘Blue Jacket’ (see below).
A third stand, for which I did not have the exhibitor’s name until it was provided by Janine Doulton and Alan Shipp (See comments below) was of the use of bulb vases over the centuries. Janine Doulton also provided the photograph.



Brian Duncan is now producing miniature seedlings of a very wide range of form and colour which won most of the “Bred and Raised” classes. He even had enough spares to put together in a vase (see left)

There was only one exhibitor from the Northern Group at this show, Wendy Akers, who showed in most of the miniature classes, winning a first prize with Narcissus watieri and several seconds and thirds.
A full list of prizewinners and cultivars may be seen by clicking here

3 thoughts on “RHS Early Daffodil Competition 27 March 2012”

  1. James, congratulations on such a informative and speedy report. The third stand was the book launch of “The Curious History of the Bulb Glass” by Patricia Coccoris Published by her partner David Encill of Cortex Design Birmingham UK http://www.cortex-design.co.uk. It contains credits to Jan Pennings and myself Alan Shipp

  2. The third stand was set up by Patricia Coccoris from Haarlem, Holland with her publisher to promote her book “The Curious History of the Bulb Vase”. I bought a copy of the book and it is really fascinating.She was a delightful lady and was so excited to be at Wisley. I spent a long time chatting to her and hope to keep in touch with her.Hope this is useful. Janine.

  3. What an excellent idea to give both exhibitors and daffodil enthusiasts an instant report of the first major show of the season which I am certain will be well received.
    I am both flattered and honoured to be part of it and congratulate you James on your novel innovation.
    Reg Nicholl

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