RHS Late Daffodil Competition 23-24 April 2012

The full results of this show may be seen by clicking here

Michael Baxter’s excellent photographs of the Best Blooms are shown below

'Burt House' Best Bloom in show and Best Bloom division 2 shown by Brian Duncan.
'Badgeworth' Reserve Best Bloom in show and Best Bloom division 3 shown by David Spencer.
'White Star' Best Bloom division 1. This bloom of a rarely seen cultivar was shown by Fred Austin
'Dorchester' Best Bloom division 4 shown by Phil Baxter
Best Seedling under Number 15-4-06 (2W-P) shown by Paul Payne
'Demure' Best Miniature in show. The exhibitor was Mrs Terry Braithwaite

Other interesting flowers were

Seedling Y93-15 Best Bloom divisions 5-10 and 12 shown by Mrs Terry Braithwaite
Seedling 563 Best Intermediate shown by Nial Watson
A Theo Sanders seedling 291

The two main collection classes, both won by Brian Duncan

Brian Duncan's winning Devonshire Trophy twelve.
Brian Duncan's winning John Lea Trophy twelve

Do you grow the following flower? It is ‘Pincambo’ raised by Brian Duncan and registered as a 2Y-P

There were two examples of the flower in the show, both of which measured (by several mm) as a Division 1. What is your experience of the flower?

Two flowers were taken to the RHS Daffodil and Tulip Committee and were awarded Award of Merit for show. They were ‘Cape Point’ and ‘Dainty Miss’, shown below.

'Cape Point' awarded AM for show. This vase was exhibited by Fred Austin.
'Dainty Miss' Awarded RHS Award of Merit (AM) for show. This vase shown by Mrs Terry Braithwaite.

A feature at the last two RHS shows has been the provision of well presented, easy-to-read information to help the visitors to the show to understand more about show daffodils. At the show at Vincent Square, Brian Duncan had provided the text for several small information boards placed around the show to highlight growing and showing tips.
At this show, Christine Skelmersdale had provided living material showing the development of the daffodil from the early Victorian times to the present day. Pictures are shown below, click on them to increase the size.

Finally, a few people

Nial Watson with Paul Payne
Richard Hilson and Nial Watson
Paul Payne, Brian Duncan and David Vivash

To find out what was being said, click on the numbers below

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Last but not least. How often have you heard an exhibitor say “there wouldn’t be a show without us exhibitors”?
There certainly wouldn’t be a show without the people who do all the work behind the scenes, and far too often have to clear up the mess left by the exhibitors. Thank you Georgina (Barter) and Vic (Coe) for all your efforts during the 2012 show season.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this site. I really enjoying seeing the winning blooms and having them on one page makes it so much easier to view.

    Is it possible to get the text for the educational exhibit? I’d like to know the varieties Christine Skelmersdale choose too. The vase of Victorian varieties reminds me of the lithographs from the 19thC books. This is really a marvelous exhibit. I’d like to try to recreate it here with our local show.

    Lynn Hoffmann

  2. I really like the layout of your website. It makes it very easy to find things.

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