The Northern Group AGM and early show held at Pilley 8 March 2014

A gloriously sunny day in Yorkshire found the northern members arriving at Pilley with flowers for the early show. It’s like coming out of hibernation over the winter and the chat soon flowed. Alan Robinson, newly returned last year, had brought his daffodils in a finely crafted wooden box, homemade and much admired. After the brief committee meeting at 11.30 am Christine Yeardley went off to the local chippy with an enormous order. When she returned silence fell while proper respect was given to our local delicacy.

A liveely AGM followed. We said goodbye to our long time Treasurer Anne Smales who has given good service to the Daffodil Society and the Northern Group for over thirty years. Richard’s health is such that she doesn’t feel that she can do the post justice in the future. Richard, sadly, was unable to attend the AGM. Anne said she had thoroughly enjoyed her years and was happy to hand the group’s finances over in good order and with a good healthy balance. She paid tribute to the work over many years of John Freer and members who had raised money by being willing to give their time to put on displays for awards. Her comment was that the sums we raised were remarkable given that the group didn’t levy any subscription. Rae Beckwith  and Chris Bone reported that they had met with the new Show Manager at Harrogate and he was very positive and helpful. A significant change that was discussed was the idea of awarding glassware at Harrogate and at the Northern group shows instead of medals. Chris had brought a selection with the group logo engraved and the idea was enthusiastically and unanimously endorsed.

The AGM was followed by a workshop with the topic “How I plunge” (see below). A remarkable range of methods were discussed with some passion. Afternoon tea followed with homemade scones and cakes while the results of the early show were looked at. The judge, Ron Cain had plenty of miniatures and species to sort out plus some standard cultivars. Best exhibit was the vase of five immaculate ‘Rapture’ shown by Trevor Myers who received his award from the President Wendy Akers (see both photos below).

Best bloom in show was ‘Limbo’ in Alan Robinson’s second placed five bloom vase. It is the bottom flower in the photograph below left.

Awards were presented and raffle prizes drawn and the meeting ended. All agreed that an enjoyable  start had been made to what we hope will be a good season. On our way home we couldn’t resist taking the snaps below of a bed of small trumpet daffodils planted at the edge of the village. What a welcome change from the large flowering varieties so often planted.

The full show results can be found by clicking here.








2 thoughts on “The Northern Group AGM and early show held at Pilley 8 March 2014”

  1. Thanks James. Yes it was a good meeting. Lovely photos
    Thank you to Alan Robinson for taking over the job as Treasurer.

  2. Can i endorse everything that our president has said about our Early show combined with our AGM. Being Chairman of the Northern Group is an absolute privilage and it is the dedication of so many of our members that make it so special. As mentioned the meeting with Nick Smith the new Show Director at Harrogate went very well and i look forward to working with Nick for many years to come. Can i say a very special thank you to our departing Tresurer who has worked so hard on our behalf for so many years. More of that later. Enjoy the new show season and good luck to everyone.
    Kind regards.

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