Third day of spring 2013

Its ten minutes past eight in the morning and snowing heavily here in Wakefield.

Will we have any flowers out for Harrogate?  – left hand picture

Eight oclock on the fourth day of spring and still snowing – right hand picture


And it’s even worse at New Mill according to Chris (see reply and three photos below)

3 thoughts on “Third day of spring 2013”

  1. Wendy just been down to field and measured snow in field it was only 9in deep sheep inside waiting to be feed and only one week to go before they multiply and somebody has sleepless nights

  2. Exhibitors please take note. I have been informed to day that Chester Daffodil show has been moved from the 7th April to the 21st April due to the weather and possible shortage of flowers so the Northern area championship leg will also move.

  3. At long last the weather is changing for the better. With any luck Harrogate should have a bumper entry. Everything is in hand. The judges are Jackie Petherbridge, Peter Wilkins, Ron Cain, Derek Williams plus Lesley and Peter Ramsey from New Zealand. That’s a good line up so lets give them lots to do!.

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