Wakefield Paxton Society 9 April

Once again it was a good show at Outwood Memorial Hall. There were five entries in the collection class for six cultivars. Ken Bacon took first and second with Christine Yeardley third. I am not too sure about the ethics of more than one entry in a collection class, though Ken achieved it last year. What do other people think? Ken’s flowers were certainly of a very high standard and included ‘Terminator’ which was awarded Best Bloom division 2 by Judge Chris Bone.
In his unplaced collection John Cosway had a fine ‘Purbeck’ which was Best Bloom division 3.

First side of the Daffodil staging
Ken Bacon wth his two entries in the collection class

Ken Bacon's 'Terminator'
John Cosway's 'Purbeck'

Christine Yeardley won the class for three blooms (div 1, div 2 and div 3) with Wendy Akers in second. Wendy’s ‘Silent Valley’ in this class was awarded Best Bloom division 1 and overall Best Bloom in show.

Christine Yeardley's vase of three
Wendy Akers' 'Silent Valley'

John Cosway’s small but balanced ‘Night Music’ was Best Bloom div 4 (photo was out of focus) and his vase of three ‘Merlin’ was very good. Other entries which caught the eye were John Freer’s ‘Falconette’, Christine’s pristine (alliteration) ‘Golden Aura’ and Ken Bacon’s unknown division 7. Ken said it was a seedling but I am sure I have seen it before. Any offers?

Christine Yeardley had best miniature with ‘Yellow Xit’ and the best bloom in the Novice section was shown by Mr N D Tyers.

One flower which intrigued me was a small seedling double AH7 which if it was true to size would be a good double for the intemediate list. Alec Harper, who was at the show, denied it was one of his, however after rapid search through his memory he pleaded guilty, it being part of a batch of seedlings originally given to Fred Jackson before arriving with the entrant Mrs S Daybrough.
Last but not least was the class for daffodils in pots won by Mr J Mercer with an excellent pot of ‘Thalia’

James Akers

John Cosway's vase of three 'Merlin'
Christine Yeardley's Best Miniature 'Yellow Xit'
John Freer's 'Falconette'
Christine Yeardley's 'Golden Aura'
Ken Bacon's division 7
Mr N D Tyers' Best Bloom in the Novice Section
An intermediate? double seedling AH7 shown by Mrs S Daybrough
The Pot Class - J Mercer's 'Thalia' on the right