Wrenthorpe Gardening Club Show 1 April


This show goes from strength to strength. Reading the list of exhibitors one might be tempted to think you were attending a National Daffodil show.

From the north came Morris Robinson, Tyne and Wear (110miles) and Frankie Charlton, Sunderland (107miles).
From the south Jeff English Wilford, Notts (67 miles) and Ken Bacon, Sutton in Ashfield (54miles).
From the east Sue Vinden, York (30 miles)
From the west Keith and Margaret Capper, Bury (47 miles)

Morris Robinson and Wendy Akers admiring the nine entries in the main collection class.
This class calls for Six Blooms from not less than Three Divisions, not fewer than Four Cultivars.
The Winner was Frankie Charlton whose cultivars were Happy Valley, Quiet Waters, All American, Banker, Shockwave and Doctor Hugh
Second was Morris Robinson and Third Barry Hogg.

The three prizewinning entries are shown from left to right.
The Best Bloom in show selected by judge Harry Fogg (ably assisted at late notice – because of the large number of entries – by John Freer) was ‘Happy Valley’ a 2Y-Y raised by Eddie Jarman. This was the top left bloom in Frankie Charlton’s six and is shown below.

Above left is the winning entry in class 2 for Three Cultivars, any division, Three Blooms of each won by Ken Bacon with Arleston, Honeybourne and Tuscarda (? should this be Tuscarora?)
Above middle is the winning entry in class 3 for One Bloom each from division 1, division 2 and division 3, won by Christine Yeardley with Corbiere, Rainbow and Park Springs.
Above right is the winning entry in class 4 for Three Blooms division 1, Corbiere, Christine again.

Above left is the winning entry in class 5 for Three Blooms division 2, Lennymore, Christine again.
Above right is the winning entry in class 6 for Three Blooms division 3, New Penny, Morris Robinson.
Christine won class 7, for Three Blooms division 4 with John Daniel (no photograph)

Class 8 for Three blooms from Divisions 5, 6, 7 or 8 deserves a full size photograph and set the judge a real task. He eventually chose Ivor Fox’s ‘Rapture’. Nice to see you showing again Ivor. As ten of the entries were from division 6 it might be wise to take this division out as a separate class next year.

Just three other photographs from section A of the show. Above left Sue Vinden’s ‘Coombe Creek’ winner of the single bloom division 6.
Above right B Nottingham’s N. bulbocodium conspicuus winner of the class for 3 miniatures.
Left Wendy Akers’ Mitzy winner of the single miniature class.

The photograph above is class 46 for a vase of garden daffodils in the Wrenthorpe Gardening Club Members section,. First was J Foster, second Jenny Orrell and third R Prickett.
Winner in the novice section daffodils was M Shield with ‘Peach Prince’ in both Single Bloom and Three Blooms classes.

The results of the show can be viewed here

2 thoughts on “Wrenthorpe Gardening Club Show 1 April”

  1. Good to see so many exhibitors. The flowers look wonderful.
    May the show go from strength to strength


  2. Enjoyed looking at the photos from the shows. As a newcomer to the daff world up here in Scotland I noticed that there was no mechanism for sharing pictures from Scottish Shows so a new set of web pages is now available. So far only two major shows have taken place – the Royal Caledonian in Edinburgh and the RHS in Aberdeen. Photos from these shows are available to view at the following address: http://www.chrysanthemums.info/daffs2012/
    We hope to add photos from the remaining shows in due course.

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