Wrenthorpe Spring Show 3 April

[Info Wendy Akers, photos James Akers]

This was an excellent show with five entries in Class 1 for six blooms. First was Barry Hogg with ‘Ombersley’, ‘Honeybourne’, ‘Dailmanach’, ‘Demmo’, ‘Terminator’ and ‘Evesham’. J English was second and third Christine Yeardley.

Sue Vinden had a striking ‘Bossa Nova’ and a good double, which I had never seen before, ‘Jack the Lad’.

Best bloom in show was Ron Crabtree’s newly-named triandrus, ‘My Belle’.

One side of the main staging
Christine Yeardley's winning three blooms of three cultivars
The five entries in the main collection class - six from three divisions

Winner of three blooms Division 3 'New Penny' Wendy Akers
Winner of the class for three blooms Divisions 6,7,8 or 9 'Kokopelli' Ron Crabtree
Winner of the Division 4 class 'Jack the Lad' Sue Vinden

Ian Speck's winning three bloom in the Novices
Winner of division 11 class 'Lady Eve' Wendy Akers
Winner of the three miniature cultivar class 'Sabrosa' Wendy Akers
Winner of the single division 3 class 'Bossa Nova' Sue Vinden
Novices three bloom class
Best Bloom division 5 two days running 'My Belle' Ron Crabtree

2 thoughts on “Wrenthorpe Spring Show 3 April”

  1. Wrenthorpe is a village, now part of the western suburbs of Wakefield and just in the famous rhubarb triangle. The gardening club which organises the spring flower show has quickly become one the most active village institutions. As yet though not many members are active exhibitors. This year however the number of entries in the novice classes showed signs of a growing interest which we hope will continue. The support of the Daffodil Society is much appreciated . Keith Orrell, chair. Wrenthorpe Gardening Club.

  2. It was good to see the growing numbers of novices. They might like some help with staging before next year’s show, but they look good.

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