Send text messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere using email.
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Now e>text makes SMS as easy and as powerful as email

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Many thanks for your great product!

J Stoll, Bicester

Email to SMS

IMGLiquid Drop's e>text service lets email and SMS work smoothly and seamlessly together
It allows you to save time and money, and to communicate in a whole new way. This powerful new email SMS tool is being used by businesses around the world.

  • Communicate efficiently, instantly, discreetly, reliably
  • Save money on mobile calls
  • Save time on phone calls
  • Workforce management
  • Server monitoring
  • Customer communications
  • Marketing communications

Featured Services

IMGe>text is like mobile email but without the hassles. It allows you to send and receive SMS text messages direct from your existing email to any mobile phone worldwide.

  • Use just like email. No training required.
  • SMS text messages delivered instantly, discretely and reliably.
  • e>text replies come directly back to your email inbox.
  • "e>text delivered" confirmations sent to your email inbox.
  • Send e>text messages up to 750 characters
  • e>text sender indentified by attaching email address to message.
  • Auto-stripping of unwanted email signatures and disclaimers.
  • e>text replies identified by name, not just mobile number.