There is still hope

I was delighted this week to have my first box of miniature daffodils coming into bloom – ‘Candlepower’ 1w-w.  This is probably the second best min 1w-w with ‘Alec Gray’ being first choice.  However, they both flower at different times.

From last Autumn I geared up to grow less bulbs than usual for personal health reasons and aimed for the Harrogate Spring Show and Harlow Carr.  It is surprising that even with recent weather we appear to be in a mid season especially up North.  My boxes are still outside with beech twig protection.

As a long serving Councillor for the Harrogate District I feel it is highly probable that if RHS wish to run this early May show there would be no objection from the District Council.  I would personally recommend the show to our MP, Andrew Jones who I think would fully support the concept especially given that Harrogate survives on visitors and would probably attend if invited.  The main qualification could well be that the show would have to be held in its existing Garden Centre or one of its many greenhouses.  This should be easily surmountable and I’m sure the Northern Group would assist in the provision of any additional staging and organise any other compliance requirements.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the show will go ahead.

Best regards to all growers and try and keep a few flowers back.

Ivor Fox

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  1. As Harlow Carr is the only Daffodil Show which is scheduled late enough to be allowed under the Government’s currently published rules I am sure that we all agree with Ivor’s hope that it will go ahead. In the meantime if you would like to write an article or add pictures to our website then please email me, you all know my address.

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