Many daffodil enthusiasts in addition to admiring the growing flower collect items of memorabilia which portray their favourite flower.

These include postage stamps from around the world, postcards and items of pottery.

The Daffodil Society in its two publications (Journal and Newsletter) occasionally publishes articles which feature such hobbies. Click on the items below to view/download

Pottery (Journal 2010)

Postcards1 (Journal 2009)                                                          Postcards2 (Journal 2011)

Relevant websites – please let us know if you can recommend others

Postage Stamps
Amaryllids 0n stamps
Beauty in Stamps
Canada Post delivers Spring
Horticulture on postage stamps
Stamp News (#9 A stamp with the smell of a narcissus)
Year of the Tiger (USA)

Barbotine vases
Barbotine vases (Schelby Scherr)
Springtime from aTyneside pottery