N. triandrus subsp. triandrus var. concolor

The RHS classification lists

N. triandrus subsp. triandrus with five varieties

N. triandrus subsp. lusitanicus

N. triandrus subsp. pallidulus with two varieties

In many areas more than one subspecies or variety grow together leading to hybridisation. At Portalegre in Portugal, N. triandrus subsp. pallidulus and N. triandrus subsp. triandrus var. concolor (or is it N. triandrus subsp. lusitanicus) grow together producing hybrids intermediate in colour and form between the two varieties.

Different varieties growing at Portalegre
Obvious hybrid (left) with concolor at Portalegre







An article published by the Daffodil Society titled
The bells can be accessed by clicking here

Excepting  populations on islands off the Brittany coast, N. triandrus is only found in the Iberian Peninsula but is very widely distrbuted as the fully functional Google Maps display shows (data mainly from Saiz and Ollero book) – click on a pointer to view the sighting.

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Various forms of triandrus also grow in close proximity to, and hybridise with narcissus from other sections. Some of these naturally occuring progeny are illustrated in the wild hybrids section of the Species Narcissus page.