The American Daffodil Society have an excellent facility (Daffseek) for displaying information about daffodil cultivars and species. We intend therefore on this website to concentrate on displaying information on people in the UK and Ireland who have significantly contributed to the development of daffodil interest. If you have information on anyone not included already then please let us know. To see information on specific people then click on their name.

Board, Frederick E (Fred)
Goodwin, Horace
Herbert, William (Dean Herbert)
Nettlefold, Mrs Frances
Sydenham, Robert

3 thoughts on “Daffodil People from the Past”

  1. Congratulations on the setting up of your website which I found very interesting and informative.

  2. I am a local councillor in Ponteland, Northumberland, and I’m looking for information about a gentleman called Gordon Harrison, who bred daffodils and lived in this area before his death in 1971. I have obtained from the RHS a list of all the varieties that he registered, and would like to try to obtain some of his varieties to plant locally, as a memorial to him and his work. His daughter still lives in the area, though herself now in her seventies, and it would be lovely to plant a memorial display in the near future. Any information would be of help. Many thanks.

  3. David

    We have passed on your enquiry to Jan Dalton who lives in Richmond and is the archivist of the Daffodil Society. If there are any of Gordon Harrison’s cultivars still around then Jan would know. He may also have other information which is relevant.


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