Tottington Show 13 April 2013

Tottington Horticultural Society holds two shows a year with daffodils featuring highly in the Spring show. There were 54 entries in the daffodil classes, over a hundred blooms in all, which, given the bad weather conditions, is a tribute to the exhibitors.
Tom Alty won the major award for Most First Prizes in the daffodil classes, ‘The Tom Scholes Memorial Tray’. Tom was also awarded a Diploma, by Judge Dianne Mason, for three division 4 blooms of ‘Crowndale’.
Keith Capper gained the Bronze Medal for Best Exhibit in show with six vases of single daffodils ‘Banker’, ‘Misty Glen’, ‘Dust Up’ (2 W-W), ‘Quantum’(2 Y-Y), ‘Abstruse’(3 W-R) and ‘Detector’ (1 Y-Y). ‘Banker’ from this same six went on to win the ‘Walter Lea Cup’ for Best Bloom in Show.
Frank Hartnell won the Miniature Championship Class (3 vases, 1 stem per vase) with ‘Pacific Coast’(8 Y-Y),‘Pixie’s Sister’ (7 Y-Y), and ‘Sabrosa’ (7 Y-Y). Frank was also awarded a Diploma for a vase of three ‘Mission Bells’.
Andrew Clarke won the class for one Division 6 with ‘Trena’ and the class for three division 6 again with ‘Trena’.

Bronze medal for six single stems, Abstruse, Detector, Quantum, Dust Up, Misty Glen, Banker. (Keith Capper) (left below)

tottington 001 tottington 002

Best bloom in show Banker (Keith Capper) (above right)

Diploma for vase of three Mission Bells. (Frank Hartnell) (below right)

Diploma for vase of three Crowndale. (Tom Alty) (below left)

tottington 008tottington 006


Best vase of single cyclamineus , Trena. (Andrew Clarke) (left below)

Best vase of three cyclamineus, Trena. ( Andrew Clarke) (right below)

tottington 015tottington 016

tottington  017
Best exhibit of miniatures, Pacific Coast, Pixie’s Sister, and  Sabrosa. (right)

(Frank Hartnell)


Keith & Margaret Capper