Kendal AGS and SRGC show at Kendal 14 March 2015


There is a great deal of difference between the presentation of miniature daffodils at Alpine Garden Society (AGS) or Scottish Rock Garden Club (SRGC) shows and Daffodil Society shows. Whereas at the latter the emphasis is on individual cut flowers, in the former it is on a number of flowers shown growing in pots. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder but to quote other clichés it’s always good to see how the other half lives, and of course many daffodil growers have feet in both camps. Whatever your preference you can’t deny the dedication of exhibitors at flower shows.

At the Kendal show there were at least three exhibitors who are Northern group members, Anne Wright and Keith Blundell, both old hands, and James Akers dipping his toe in the water for the first time.

At shows of this kind Daffodils can appear in several types of classes. The major class in the show Class 1 for 6 pans of rock plants, and for which an AGS gold medal is awarded, contained a magnificent pot of Narcissus cyclamineus (see below). The winner of this class was Tommy Anderson from Kendal. Click on their pictures to expand






Similarly the class for 6 pans rock plants; three in flower and three foliage included a pan of daffodils, this time ‘Jim Lad’ raised by Anne Wright pictures below.


In the same vein daffodils can be found in classes calling for bulbs or growing in the wild in similar conditions. In classes solely for daffodils, as with Daffodil Society shows, distinction is made between those of wild origin and hybrids and there is also a category for seed-raised.

The following photos are a selection of other pots shown. The first which won the class for a pot of seed-raised daffodils was from a rogue in AGS seed supplied to Anne Wright in 2002 as N. eugeniae (a yellow pseudonarcissus). It would never win a prize at a Daffodil Society Show ‘gobby’ was how Brian Duncan and James Akers described it at Anne’s recent open day but it looked superb in a pot and Anne hopes to name it ‘Trumpet Voluntary’; very apt!

Apologies to Keith Blundell I wrote down his winning pot of ‘Englander’ but then forgot to take the photograph.

'Trumpet Voluntary' Anne Wright
‘Trumpet Voluntary’
Anne Wright
Narcissus bulbocodium James Akers
Narcissus bulbocodium
James Akers
'Andy Blanchard' Anne Wright
‘Andy Blanchard’
Anne Wright
Three pans Anne Wright
Three pans
Anne Wright
'Gale Force' Anne Wight
‘Gale Force’
Anne Wight


'Giselle' Anne Wright
Anne Wright
? Anne Wright
N. watieri x N. cyclamineus
Anne Wright


Narcissus alpestris Alan Furness
Narcissus alpestris
Alan Furness
Narcissus cantabricus Ivor Betteridge
Narcissus cantabricus
Ivor Betteridge
Narcissus incurvicervicus Anne Wright
Narcissus incurvicervicus
Anne Wright


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  1. An amazing show, the AGS are masters of growing small daffodils. Isn’t it time that the RHS led the way (or followed the AGS) and stopped cutting tiny stems to show in vases, which is not only silly but looks ridiculous.

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