Lincolnshire Daffodil Society – 16 April

Information and photographs : Chris Bone
This was Lincolnshire Daffodil Society’s 101st annual show, and was held at Spilsby.

Due to adverse weather conditions there were few entries with some good flowers but also a lot of tired blooms.

Best Bloom in show went to Mrs Grant with a nice bloom of ‘Virginia Waters’ which was in the class for 12 blooms and also included the Reserve Best Bloom in show ‘Achduart’

Best Yellow was a nice ‘Ombersley’ which was a little on the small side, shown by Mr Griffin who put on some good enties in the major classes.

There were in all 8 exhibitors who staged 81 enties with a total of 150 blooms

Best Bloom in show 'Virginia Waters' Mrs Grant
Mrs Grant's wiining 12 bloom entry on left


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  1. Perhaps someone from the Society could post more details, particulatly with respect to the three bottom pictures.

  2. I am the Secretary of the Lincolnshire Daffodil Society. I would have to say that I agree with Mr Bone that there were rather too many less than perfect blooms. All we can say in mitigation was that at least there were some flowers because at one point we were seriously worried that there would be nothing left! The bottom three pictures are of some of the collections classes. The picture at the bottom is the 2nd and 3rd placed entries in the Walker Rose Bowl class, for 9 different cultivars from any division. The top left photograph is the winning entry in that class (on the left) and the 3rd placed entry in the Norfolk Cup class, for 6 blooms representing divisions 1, 2 and 3. The top right picture is the winning and 2nd placed entries in the Norfolk (on the left) and the winning and 3rd entries from Class 42, for 3 cultivars from any division. Notwithstanding the lack of blooms in the daffodil classes, we had plenty of flowers in the spring flower classes and we felt that we had a most enjoyable day. We were very grateful to Mr Bone for his meticulous efforts in judging the daffodils; he did a truly splendid job and we hope he had a good day too. Sarah Billings.

  3. Whilst browsing I came across the above thread and I thought this would be a good place to expand on our progress as a society.

    It’s 2012 and our 103rd show is due April the 14th and 15th…. With the loss of Harry Caudwell some time ago now, the society also lost one of its keen exhibitors, coupled with a downturn in members and exhibitors the society nearly folded in October.

    At an EGM on the 10th of December 2011 the society decided that it would team up with Springfields (SHS) at Spalding who are keen to promote the daffodil. Springfields are in many ways struggling like the rest of us and we decided to join forces for show purposes.

    We are now proud to announce that we are holding a two day event at Springfield Event centre, we are not expecting immediate success, this is a long term strategy, but it does offer hope for the future.

  4. Thank you for the information about your show which we have added to the list of show dates. Unfortunately you did not leave an email address, nor does there seem to be one on the Lincolnshire Daffodil Society link that you provided. How can exhibitors obtain copies of the schedule and times when staging etc takes place?

    1. Hello James

      Hope you’re well. Seems a long time since we last met at the 2008 Tulip Summit in Spalding and also during Monique’s visit to the Sculpture Park.

      Just to update on the Lincolnshire Daffodil Society Show, it will be here at Springfields Events Centre, next to the Gardens, on 14 & 15 April.

      I know that entry details will shortly be posted on their website and that the Society’s secretary, Gail Dymoke will be dealing with competition enquiries (including a new photographic entry category for youngsters and adults). I’m not sure of the website address but will let you know it asap.

      Best wishes,

  5. Thank you David. I have already put a link to the Lincolnshire Daffodil Society website. You can see it at Daffodil Show Information/Other Daffodil Societies.

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