Leeds Paxton show 7 April 2012

Once more an excellent show at Leeds Paxton Society, one of the oldest horticultural societies in the North of England.

Three general views of the hall at Headingley, with the judge Steve Ryan shown below left with a daffodil badge in his buttonhole.

Class one for twelve cultivars had two good entries and was won by Barry Hogg with Christine Yeardley a close second. The two collections are shown below, with Barry’s entry on the left.

Class two for six cultivars had four entries with Chris Bone the winner, the right hand entry above. Second was John Freer, the middle six, and third Cristine Yeardley shown on the left.
Below on the left is ‘Greetham’ the Best Bloom in show chosen from Barry Hogg’s twelve in Class one.
On the right is ‘Trumpet Warrior’, Christine Yeardley’s Best Bloom from classes 4 to 26.

Christine is very good in three bloom classes, and two of these were winners, three ‘Segovia’ left below and in the class for one each from Divisions 1, 2 and 3 below right.

Last but not least was an excellent winning pot of ‘Tahiti’ shown by A Spence.

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  1. Just for the record Leeds paxton had 27 open classes for daffodils and 13 exhibitors staged 125 exhibits with a total of 268 blooms.
    All so at the show there were 2 paxton members classes with 11 members staging 42 exhibits The winner of the John Emmett Trophy for best exhibit in this section went to Tony Booth whose winning variety was Passionale

  2. Hi, we are relatives of the late John Emmett and have sadly lost all of our “JE” daffs. We know that they haven’t done very well generally but are wondering whether it is possible to get hold of some bulbs.

    Lynn & Roy Nott

    1. My late Uncle John Emmet as you know was President of the Society for many years, and I grew up helping him with his ‘allotment’ and he nurtured in me a love of gardening. I am so pleased to see that there is a Trophy in my dear Uncles name for Best in Show, and I know that you also named a Daffodil after him. We now live in Western Australia, but used to live in YORK and Spring always meant those lovely Daffodils around the City walls. I would love to grow some of the John Emmett daffodils here in my garden, could you tell me if they are available in Australia?
      Many thanks
      Patricia Willans (my mum was John’s sister)

      1. Hi Patricia

        Unfortunately bulbs of John Emmett are not available commercially, either in the UK or Australia.

        When we purchased the original stock of bulbs from its raiser Clive Postles they were distributed among members of the Northern Group of the Daffodil Society and a few went to Roy. They have not multiplied as well as we had hoped so there are few bulbs around to redistribute, If you look at the age of the popular daffodil bulbs which are grown and sold commercially such as Carlton (pre 1927) and Tête-à-Tête (pre 1949) you get some idea of the time scale involved. Nevertheless I would hope to be able to send some more bulbs to Roy in 2014.

        We will be adding some information about John to the section about former members over the winter period.

  3. Hi Roy

    I originally supplied you the bulbs if you remember. I have asked people who have bulbs of ‘John Emmett’ if they have any spare, but so far without success. I will ask again at the Northern Group show at Pilley in a fortnight’s time. I will let you know the response.

    James Akers

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